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Neuroscientist of the Month: Tabea-Maria Haase

For our Neuroscientist of the Month this June, we introduce Tabea-Maria Haase, a Cotutelle PhD student at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, and the University of Bristol, UK.

Tabea investigates the ‘Motion Silencing Effect’ in visual perception. Though an intuitive process, detecting changes in the visual environment may sometimes be subject to failure. ‘Motion silencing’ showed that salient feature changes may not be perceived in the periphery when a display is dynamic.

Tabea investigates this effect in tasks where participants detect or discriminate an orientation change in a moving visual display. So far, psychophysical studies have shown that motion can disturb orientation change detection and that spatial attention can moderate motion silencing. Future studies may investigate the underlying neural mechanisms and levels of processing using MEG and behavioural tasks.

Tabea recently presented her work at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society in Florida and looks forward to presenting at the Australasian Brain & Psychological Sciences Meeting 2022 in July!


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