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Neuroscientist of the Month: Dr Tiril Gurholt

For our Neuroscientist of the Month this May, we introduce Tiril Gurholt, a Researcher at the Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research (NORMENT), Oslo University Hospital, Norway, and an active contributor to the EU CoMorMent research project.

Her research interests lie in psychiatric neuroimaging, focusing on large-scale investigations to enhance our understanding of body-brain links in the general population and severe mental disorders.

She recently published a large-scale UK Biobank study that observed links between brain structure alterations and standard obesity measures and novel body fat and muscle tissue measures from whole-body MRI in generally healthy participants (

Tiril previously conducted her PhD in Applied Mathematics, and she has extensive experience in structural and diffusion tensor imaging, big data, statistical analyses, image processing, numerical methods, and programming.


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