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Neuroscientist of the Month: Associate Professor Maryam Ziaei

For this July’s Neuroscientist of the Month, we introduce Dr Maryam Ziaei, Associate Professor and leader of the Aging Neuroscience Group at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience in Trondheim, Norway.

Her research group examines neurocognitive mechanisms that protect against mood disorders in late adulthood, using structural and functional imaging, behavioral paradigms, and assessments of emotional experiences in daily life to link lab-based assessments to real-life experiences.

Maryam has over ten years of experience in designing, analyzing, and publishing fMRI data in leading journals in the field of functional imaging and affective neuroscience. Previously, she obtained her BSc and MSc in Iran, and her PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Her previous research has demonstrated structural and functional correlates of processing social and emotional information in late adulthood (for example see these publications

Maryam is dedicated to communicating her research to the general public. She founded the NeuroAcer Brain Health Platform ( and its associated online courses and coaching sessions, which aim to both inform and provide tools to improve brain and mental health.

Having lived and worked in different cultures, Maryam is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in science and keen on mentoring next generation of scientists. More information about her can be found here: and here:


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