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Sana Suri

Alzheimer's Society Research Fellow

University of Oxford

I am an Alzheimer's Society Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. I head the Heart and Brain Research Group in the Department of Psychiatry and the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging. My group's research combines multi-modal neuroimaging to study risk and resilience for cognitive decline in ageing. I use structural, diffusion tensor, and functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate how the brain's vascular health varies with age, with a specific focus on how it may be affected by genetic and cardiovascular risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. I am a keen science communicator and enjoy writing articles for The Conversation UK and the University of Oxford Blog. I am passionate about public engagement and have presented my research in UK Parliament on several occasions. I chair centre-wide initiatives for patient and public involvement in research as well as gender equality in STEM. I also lead Mosaic, a departmental network for promoting and supporting racial and ethnic diversity in academia.

Sana Suri
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dementia, MRI, neuroimaging, ageing, cognitive decline, ultrasound, heart-brain


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