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Jodi Pawluski

Behavioral Neuroscientist and Therapist

University of Rennes 1

My research focuses on neuroscience of motherhood and the effects of maternal mental illness and its treatment with antidepressant medications on the mother and developing offspring. More recently I have been very interested in how reproductive experience affects the female brain response to stress, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum. The majority of my work is in rodent models. I hold a MA in Psychology (2003), a PhD in Neuroscience (2007) and a HDR in Life Science (2019) and I am a registered as a psychotherapist and counsellor (2019). I also host the podcast Mommy Brain Revisited where I talk with other expert in the field on of the neuroscience of parenting.

Jodi Pawluski
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maternal mental health, perinatal, parental brain, animal models, hippocampus, stress


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